What do health insurance plans do not cover?

There are a couple of benefits not covered by health insurance plans in India. They are-

Pre-existing medical conditions - Medical conditions pre-existing are such diseases that you may already suffer while applying for insurance. In all the possibilities, the prevalent medical conditions are not covered under medical insurance plans. However, health insurance providers have started providing coverage for pre-existing medical conditions after the waiting period between two to four years.

Cosmetic Surgery - Cosmetic Surgery is one of the most common health insurance exclusions. However, cosmetic or plastic surgeries performed after accidents are covered in many health insurance plans. Also, joint replacement and dental treatment are not usually included in health insurance policies.

Injury during the suicide attempt - The insured person is deliberately not covered in the case of harming himself. Therefore, the injury caused during suicidal attempts is not covered by any insurance provider in the health insurance plan.

Therapy - Health insurance plans do not cover therapies such as acupuncture, natural therapy, magnetic therapy and alternative forms of therapies.