What expenses does health insurance cover?

Different insurance companies have different provisions regarding the health insurance policy. Generally there are the following types of provisions that are based on its inclusion when taking a health insurance policy:

  1. 1. In-patient treatment: In this, the sum up to the policy sum assured is covered by hospitality due to illness.
  2. Pre-Hospitalization: Medical expenses are covered in the first 60 days immediately before the hospitalization.
  3. Post-Hospitalization: This provides for provision of medical expenses in 60 days immediately after the hospitalization.
  4. Day Care Procedures: Under this provision of Health Insurance Policy, such expenses are covered in approximately 141 listed daycare, in which 24 hours of hospitalization is not required due to technical advancement.
  5. Domiciliary Treatment: There is a provision to cover the treatment expenses taken from the advice of a physician at home.
  6. Emergency Ambulance: In this provision of Health Insurance Policy, the maximum amount up to Rs 2,000 is given in the Emergency to spend on the ambulance.
  7. Ayurvedic / Homeopathic: With the increasing trend of alternative medicine systems, there is now a provision for health insurance policies of many health insurance companies through Ayurvedic and Homeopathic.