How To Compare Health Insurance Plans In India?

Here are many websites such as Policy Bazaar which help you to compare the best health insurance plans for you and your family.

Some parameters to be considered while comparing health insurance plans include the characteristics of the health insurance plan, the benefits provided by the insurance provider, the policies associated with the insurance provider and the sum insured under the network of hospitals. This factor is not only a major intermediate factor from its competitors, but also a proof of good service to their last customer.

Choosing a suitable health plan for everyone's safety in your family is not an easy task (unless you are buying insurance only for tax savings). Thus, on the basis of the following important factors, always compare health insurance plans:

1. Premium VS Coverage -
Assess whether the cover and insurance amount is appropriate against premium payments. Choose add-ons according to your needs.

2. Network hospital -
Be sure of the insurer's network hospitals in your area. You can only take advantage of cashless services in these hospitals.

3. Room rent limit -
Since hospital rentals are different, some insurance plans give only a portion of the actual rent. Therefore, you should go for insurance plans without any rent limit.

4. Exclusions -
Check what is permanently excluded and what treatment is possibly covered after a waiting period.