Health Insurance Key Points

Expenditure on health is increasing steadily and now lakhs of rupees are spent in the treatment of minor diseases. It is important to take health insurance from time to time. It helps in reducing the weight falling on your pocket. Statistics of the Central Health Department show that 80 per cent of cases in case of medical emergency are getting worse due to problems of money.

In the event of an accident, you do not only have to spend money on treatment, but your ability to earn is also reduced. According to this, the person who is involved in the accident, gets double whistle. Health insurance proves to be helpful for you in this situation.

This article covers 5 important things related to health insurance, So let's start.

1.The money is not being wasted.
Many people consider mediclaim or health insurance as a waste of money. Friends, I believe that if you do not need to claim it then it is a good thing. There is no substitute for staying healthy and staying safe, but if you ever need it, it can save you from having a hole in your pocket. After paying a small premium, it is a matter of getting a health cover of five lakh rupees.

2. Compare, Then Buy Health Insurance
Before taking a health plan, carefully review its conditions. If you are not able to understand yourself, then get help from someone else. The detailed information is available on online websites for comparisons.

Carefully understand every clause in the health policy, then pay the premium.

3. Reduce premium on buying soon
In the case of investment, it is said that from early on, it helps in making big assets. In the case of health cover, it is said that if you cover soon, then you will have to pay a lower premium. If you take cover before the age of 40, then you can get maximum benefit without condition.

Actually, young people usually have fewer diseases. In this case, insurers keep premiums low for them. By renewing it from time to time every year, you will also get the benefit of no claim bonus.

4. Honesty is the best policy
When taking health insurance, give the insurance company the correct information about your medical records. It is wrong to hide old diseases. Tell the insurance company clearly even if you have to pay a higher premium. If you give some wrong information then the health insurance company may refuse to give you the claim, which will cause you problems during the treatment.

5. Do not take plan with limit / sub-limits
Avoid limits like room rent limits in the hospital. Friends, it is not in your hands that you should be kept in a room of which type during your treatment. So, it is not okay for you to spend any limitation by health insurance company for the expenses. Keep in mind this when purchasing a health policy and it is good to not take such a policy.