Health Insurance Claim

A health insurance claim is a request that a health care coverage policyholder submits to the Insurance Company so as to get the services that are covered in their medical insurance policy.

A health care coverage policyholder can either get repaid or can select direct case repayment alternative (otherwise called cashless treatment) for the benefited medical services. In this way, one can either submit the claim form or solicitation the medical coverage supplier cashless services.

Types of Health Insurance Claim

Providing healthcare service when required is the genuine utility of a medical coverage plan. To guarantee timely and easy settlement of all the medical expenses, one needs to start the medical coverage guarantee process. There are two different ways to claim a health insurance policy:

1. Cashless Claims:
In this sort of medical coverage claim, the insurance company settles all the hospitalization bills with the emergency clinic directly. However, an insured needs to be hospitalized only at a network hospital to get the advantage of cashless hospitalization.

2. Repayment Claims:
In this sort of medical coverage claim, the policyholder pays for the hospitalization costs forthright and demands for repayment by the insurance company later. One can get repayment claims for both network and non-network hospitals in this situation.